Install IPTV On Android TV, How To Install An IPTV Player On Your Android TV

Download Smarters Player, install iptv on android tv

Assuredly, AndroidTVDecoder will guide you on how to install an IPTV player on your Android TV Using An APK File.

Indeed, you can find many IPTV apps on the Google Play Store that can be installed on your Android TV to watch IPTV channels.

Before I proceed, please remember IPTV is not illegal so long as you obtain your channels from a legal source and or pay the right subscription for it.

One popular option is the “Smarters IPTV Player,” which is designed specifically for IPTV on Android TV.
Here’s how you can install TiviMate IPTV Player or a similar app on your Android TV:

Steps To Install IPTV Player On Your Android TV

Please follow these procedures to install an IPTV player on an Android TV.

First, you may need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your Android TV.


1. Enable The “Unknown Sources Settings” on your Android TV

Before installing apps from outside the Google Play Store, you must enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android TV settings.

It allows you to install apps from third-party sources.

Now follow the steps below to enable the “Unknow Sources” on your Android TV.

  • First, go to “Settings” from your Android TV’s home screen.
  • Second, navigate to “Device Preferences” or “Device” (this may vary based on your Android TV version).
  • Third, select “Security & Restrictions” or “Security & Restrictions.”
  • Now turn on “Unknown sources.

After this, follow these other steps below to proceed with the installation process.

Enable Unknown Sources, install iptv on android tv


2. Install A File Manager:

You’ll need a file manager app to access APK files for installation if you don’t already have it on your TV.

If your Android TV doesn’t have one, you can download it from the Google Playstore.

Here, “File Commander” and “Solid Explorer” are possible options.

Install File Commander, install iptv on android tv


3. Download the IPTV Player APK:

Find the APK file for the IPTV player you want to install.

You can often download these from the developer’s website or trusted APK repositories.

Be cautious when downloading from unknown sources to avoid malware.

Download Smarters Player, install iptv on android tv


4. Transfer the APK to Your Android TV:

If you downloaded the APK file on a computer, transfer it to a USB drive or use Google Drive to get it on your Android TV.


5. Install the IPTV Player:

Use the file manager app to locate where you stored the APK file and then select it to initiate the installation process.

Transfer apk from phone to TV, install iptv on android tv


6. Follow Installation Instructions:

Follow the on-screen rules to install the IPTV player. You should grant specific permissions during the installation.


7. Launch the IPTV Player:

Once the installation is complete, you can find the IPTV player app on the home screen of your Android TV or app drawer. Launch the app.


8. Configure the IPTV Player:

You must provide the needed information to access IPTV channels depending on the player you choose (e.g., TiviMate).

This typically includes your IPTV provider’s server URL, username, and password.


9. Enjoy IPTV Channels:

After configuring the app, you can access and watch IPTV channels through the player.

NB: The availability of specific apps and the installation processes might differ from one IPTV player to another.

Always remember to exercise caution when installing apps from unknown sources and use trusted sources for APK files on your Android TV.


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