How To Watch The IPTV Channels On Your Android TV Decoder Online

watch channels android tv

This guide will show you how to watch the IPTV channels on your Android TV Decoder.

Honestly, it is one thing having over 30,000 IPTV television channels on your Android TV Decoder, and another thing knowing how to find your favourite channels to watch.

In this regard, follow the procedure below to play the channels on your Extreme IPTV App easily.

How To Watch IPTV Channels On Android Box

 Please follow the following steps to watch the TV Channels on your Set-Top Box:

  • First, open the IPTV App (In this case, the IPTV Extreme App). Please wait for all the Playlists and Channels to finish loading.
watch channels android tv
  • Second, select any of the channel groups at the top to see the channels under that group or category.
watch channels android tv
  • Third, move or navigate to any of the channels under the category.
  • Fourth, press the “OK or Enter” button on your remote and select the play option.

There you have your channel playing.
Now, you can press the exit button on your remote to go back and select another group and or channel.
Alternatively, you can select groups and channels while in “Play Mode” by using the steps below.

How To Select Groups And Play Channels in "Play Mode"

When I say “Play Mode”, I mean selecting and playing another channel without exiting your current playing channel.
Notably, there are three ways of finding and playing another TV channel while in Play Mode.
Never worry because we will take your through all of them.
First, let look at how you can play another channel in the same group or category as your current playing channel.

Playing Another Channel In The Same Group, IPTV Extreme

Sometimes, you may want to play another channel in the same category as the one you are playing now.

For example, you want to change and play “Bein Sports 2” while still playing “Bein Sports 1”.

Follow these steps to select and play another channel in the same group in Play Mode:

  • First, press the “Up Arrow” button on your Android TV remote.
  • Second, navigate the channels showing on the left side of your screen with the “Up and Down Arrows” on your decoder remote.
watch channels android tv
  • Third, select and play any of the channels you want.

If you want to replay a previous channel, press the “Down Arrow” while in Play Mode, and all your previously watched channels will display.

Now check how you can play another channel in another group or category while in Play Mode.

Play Another Channel In Another Group While In Play Mode

Follow these steps to play a different channel in a different category on your Android TV decoder:

  • First, press the “OK or Enter” button while in Playing Mode.
  • Second, select the “Channel Group Icon” on your screen.
watch channels android tv
  • Third, Navigate the groups of channels that are showing on your screen and select the group you want.
  • Fourth, use the “Up and Down Arrows” to find the channel you want in that category and play it, as described above
watch channels android tv

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