How To Install Android Apps From Google Play Store Onto Your Android TV Decoder

install android apps on decoder

This guide will teach you how to install Android Apps onto your Android TV Decoder.

Therefore, you can easily install a Google Play app onto your decoder with just a few steps.

Now, do I need to download and install an Android App on your Android decoder? Find the answer right below.

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Downloading An App To My Android TV Decoder

  • First of all, you know that your TV gives you a broader and bigger screen.
  • Secondly, you can better enjoy certain video Apps on your android TV decoder than on a phone screen.

Now find the steps to do that right below.


Steps To Install Google Apps On Your Android TV Decoder

Indeed, you can use these steps to install an android app to your android tv decoder:

  • First, switch on your decoder. The homepage of the decoder will appear.
  • Second, select the “Google Play” icon or tab on your home screen. Also, you can select the Playstore App from the “My Apps” area on your screen.

select the "Google Play" icon

  • Third, search for the Google Play App you want by typing the App’s name into the search section of the page.

  • Fourth, select the App you prefer from the results showing. You will realize that the App will begin to download and install.

Now, lunch the App by selecting the “Open” button on your screen.


Sometimes, you may need to download an App APK from another source and install it on your Android TV decoder.


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