Remove Google TV From Android Phone, How To Remove Google TV App From Your Android Phone Or Device

This guide focuses on how to remove Google TV from your Android phone or device.

Google TV is not a standalone app that someone can remove from an Android phone like a regular app. Google TV is more of an integrated system that provides recommendations and a user interface for content across various streaming services.

Suppose you’re referring to the Google TV interface on Android devices or integrated into some smart TVs.

It’s important to note that the interface is deeply integrated into the system and cannot be easily removed without affecting the device’s functionality.

If you’re looking to disable or remove the Google TV interface, you might need to consider the the steps below,


Steps To Remove Good  Google TV From Android Phone

Please follow these steps to disable Google TV from your Android Phone or device:


1. Switch to a Different Launcher (if applicable): 

Some Android TV devices allow you to switch between different launchers.

A launcher is the user interface that determines how your home screen and app drawer look.

If your device supports it, you could change to a different launcher to change the interface.

remove google tv from android phone
2. Reset to Factory Settings:

If the Google TV interface is causing significant issues or you want to get rid of it, just consider performing a factory reset on your device (Android TV).

However, be aware that this will clean/remove all data and settings on the device, so back up any important information first.

factory reset, exit safe mode on Android TV
3. Contact Support:

If you’re experiencing specific issues with the Google TV interface on your device, it might be worth contacting the device manufacturer’s support for assistance.

They can provide guidance or solutions tailored to your specific situation.

Don’t forget that the availability of options and features can vary depending on the device and the version of your Android TV.

Additionally, my information might need to be updated, so I recommend checking the most recent resources or contacting the manufacturer’s support for the most accurate and up-to-date guidance.

Please proceed cautiously and ensure to back up any critical data before making significant changes to your Android phone or device.


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