How To Connect Your Android TV Decoder To The Internet, Mobile Hotspot

connect android decoder to hotspot

This guide will show you how you can connect your Android TV Decoder to your Mobile Hotspot Internet.

I must emphasize that we will use the H96 Android Set-Top Box to illustrate.

Nevertheless, the procedure works on almost every android STB decoder that you will want to use.

Not let’s proceed to look at the steps right away.


Steps To Connect Your Android TV Decoder To Your Mobile Hotspot

First of all, you must enable your Mobile Hotspot on your phone. Please click here to see the steps if you don’t already know.

Next, switch on your decoder and follow the following steps to connect your Android TV decoder to the internet:

  • First, go to “Settings”.

connect android decoder to hotspot, settings

  • Second, go to “Network and Internet”.

connect android decoder to hotspot, go to Network and Internet

Now check whether your decoder WiFi button is “ON” or “OFF”. Please find out how to turn it on from the steps below.

  • Third, you should see your Mobile Hotspot Name on your TV at this stage. 
  • Fourth, select your Mobile Hotspot Name, and it will demand your Mobile Hotspot Password.

H96 Click On Your Mobile Hotspot Name, connect android decoder to hotspot

  • Sixth, enter your Mobile Hotspot Password into the field provided on your screen.

H96 Enter Mobile Hotspot Password 1, How to connect android decoder to internet

  • Now, click on the green button on the far-right of your screen to connect your decoder to the internet.

connect android decoder to hotspot, H96 Mobile Hotspot Password Entered 1

  • By now, you should see “Connecting to …….. (your Hotspot Name)” on your screen.

connect android decoder to hotspot, H96 Mobile Hotspot Password Connecting

  • When the connection works, you should see “Connected Successfully” on your screen.

connect android decoder to hotspot, H96 Mobile Hotspot Password Connected Successfully

Now check below to see how you can switch on the “WiFi” button on your android TV decoder from the steps below.


How to Switch ON The WiFi Button On Android TV Decoder

  • If your Wifi button is “OFF”, then this is how it will look like:

connect android decoder to hotspot, H96 Wifi Hotspot Off

  • Now navigate to the “Switch Button” and click on it again.
  • You will see that the colour will change from “grey” to “blue” like this.

connect android decoder to hotspot, H96 Wifi Hotspot On

  • Now you will see from your screen that the internet connection display has changed to this:

H96 Connected To the internet

Not this stage, you will see certain things on your screen when your decoder connects to the internet. Check some of them right below.


How To Check Whether Your Android TV Decoder Is Connected To The Internet

  • Firstly, you will see that the colour of the network signal button at the top of your screen has changed from “White” to “Green”.

  • Secondly, you will realise from the “Settings” area that your decoder shows “Connected” on your screen as indicated above.
  • Thirdly, the date and time on your screen should be correct.

H96 Date and Time Updated Successfully

  • Fourthly, you should be able to open any of the Google Apps successfully. Suc Apps includes YouTube, Chrome Browser, and Plaststore App.

Notably, you will see this indication if your internet connection is still unsuccessful:

H96 Cannot open Google Play Apps

So what must you do then? Please check the steps below.


Things You Should do If Google Play Apps On Your Android Decoder Are Not working, Though Decoder Reads “Connected”.

If you cannot open your Google play apps, yet your android decoder reads “Connected”, then do the following things:

  • First, make sure that your internet package has not expired or you have an applicable bundle on your WiFi or Hotspot Device.
  • Second, update your decoder “Date and Time”, and it will work. Now click here to learn how to update the date and time on your Android TV Decoder.
  • After updating your decoder “Date and Time” and connecting to the internet, your YouTube and other Google Play Apps should begin to work.


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