How To Connect Internet From Mobile To TV, Follow These Simple Steps

connect internet from mobile to tv

How To Connect Internet From Mobile To TV, Follow These Simple Steps

This guide will help you to connect the internet from your Mobile Device to your TV.

Additionally, you can watch our video guide on how to connect internet internet from your Mobile device to your TV.


Undoubtedly, you may be using any of these three (3) categories of television sets in your home or office:

  • Analog TV
  • Digital Satelite LED TV
  • LED or QLED Smart TV – Android, Roku, Linus, Apple, etc.

Remember that you cannot connect the internet to the first two television types.

However, you can easily connect the internet to the third category – i.e., LED or QLED Smart TV.

So which type of Mobile devices can transfer internet connection to your TV?


Mobile Devices Internet That Can Connect To TV

Remember that not every mobile device can connect the internet to your TV.

As we saw above, it is the same as not every television can connect directly to the internet.

So which type of mobile device will connect the internet to my TV?

In this regard, you can connect the internet to your TV from any mobile device with hotspot functionality.

For example, you can connect the internet from the following type of devices to your TV:

  • Android phones and tablets;
  • Iphones and Ipads;
  • Blackberry phones and tablets; and

And many more other devices so long as they have hotspot functionality.

What should be available before you connect your mobile internet to your TV?


Things To Consider Before You Perform The Connection

Before you connect the internet to your TV, you must ensure the following:

  • First, ensure there is strong mobile internet coverage where your TV is.
  • Second, ensure you have enough active internet bundles, as hotspots can drain your internet bundle.
  • Third, make sure the mobile phone is closer to the TV; and
  • Lastly, make sure you have switched on your TV.

Now, let us find out how to connect your mobile hotspot device internet to your TV.


How To Connect TV Internet From A Mobile Device

Notably, there are two main things you must do to connect your mobile device internet to your TV:

  • First, you must perform certain settings on your mobile device; and
  • Second, you must know the settings to perform your TV as where.

 Let us  start from what you must do on your Mobile phone or device.

Settings You Must Do On Your Phone To Connect It To Your TV

Perform these settings on your phone to connect its internet to your TV:

  • First, select the “Settings” App on your phone;
Phone Settings, connect internet from mobile to tv
  • Second, go to “Network and Internet”;
Network and Internet, connect internet from mobile to tv
  • Third, go to “Hotspot and tethering”;
Hotspot and tethering, connect internet from mobile to tv
  • Next, go to “Wifi Hotspot”;
Wifi Hotspot, connect internet from mobile to tv
  • Now set your ‘Hotspot Name, Security, and Password;
  • Next, ON your hotspot by enabling the button;
  • Now, switch ON your data;

Settings You Must Do On Your TV To Connect It To The Internet

Now use the following steps to connect your TV to the internet:


  • First, go to your TV settings; 
  • Second, go to the Network and Internet;
connect internet from mobile to tv
  • Next, make sure you have enabled your TV’s wireless function to display available wireless connections;
  • Now, select your mobile phone hotspot name that appears on your TV;
  • Next, enter your mobile phone hotspot password into the window that opens – (You will see the “Connected Successfully” description on your TV);
  • Now visit YouTube on your TV, or open a page on your TV’s browser to confirm the internet connectivity.


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