Why Your YouTube Video Is Not Opening On Your Android TV Decoder, Solution

Youtube Video Not Opening Android Decoder

This guide will explain why your YouTube Video is not opening on your android TV decoder and how you can solve such a problem.

Indeed it is prevalent to get complaints from Set-Top box users that the Youtube app is not opening.

Thus, the Youtube videos on the Set-Top box are not opening or showing.

Therefore we will educate you to know why the Youtube videos are not loading and guide you to fix that problem.

First of all, let’s find out why my YouTube video may not load. Check that from the explanation right below.

Why YouTube Video On Your Set-Top Box Will Not Load

There are several reasons why Youtube videos on your Android TV box may not load. Some of those reasons are:

  • One, why your Youtube Video is not opening on your Android TV Decoder is that your decoder may be disconnected from the internet.
  • Two, why your Youtube Video is not opening on your Android TV Decoder is that your android TV decoder may not be connected to any WiFi or hotspot device.
  • Three, your WiFi or Phone may not have internet access, though connected to your decoder.
  • Four, the Date and Time on your Android TV decoder may be wrong.

Now, what do you do in any of these situations stated above?

Find what you must from the explanations right below.

How To Get The Youtube Videos On Your Android TV Decoder To Load

Usually, you will see this on your screen when the Youtube App on your Set-Top box does not load:

Now follow these steps to play the Youtube videos on your android TV decoder:

  • First, make sure you connect your WiFi or Phone Hotspot to the internet. If you are using a Mobile Phone hotspot, click here to enable your hotspot.
  • Second, make sure to connect your Android TV decoder or Set-Top box to your WiFi or Mobile Phone Hotspot. Learn how to do that form here.
  • Third, update the “Date and Time” on your Android TV Decoder or Set-Top box. Learn about that form here.
  • Now open your Youtube App again. Your Youtube videos will load successfully if you follow the steps above carefully.

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