Install Netflix App On Android TV, How Download And Install Netflix App On Your Android TV

This guide will help you to download and install a Netflix app on your Android TV.
Indeed, installing Netflix on your Android TV will enable you to watch many interesting movies.
So what really is Netflix and how does it work?
Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of video content to television viewers.
Some of the interesting contents the stream include:
  • award-winning movies,
  • TV shows,
  • anime,
  • documentaries, and
  • more on thousands of internet-connected.
Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to install the App on their Android TV and use it.
Interestingly, the steps below will help you to download and install the Netflix App on your Android TV.

How Can I Install Netflix On My Android TV?

There are many ways you can download and install apps on your Android TV.

First, you may find the App in the App Store of your TV.

Sometimes, you may have to download an APK onto an external device, transfer it to your TV, and install it.

First, we will look at how you can directly install from your TV’s Google Playstore or App Store.


How To Install Netflix On Your Android TV From Google Playstore

Step 1. Switch on your Android TV

install netflix app on android tv, switch on your tv

2. Tap on the App button and select Search For App And Games.

3. Type Netflix and search for it from your TV’s Playstore

4. Download and install the Netflix App when it appears on the TV.

install netflix app on android tv, search for netflix app

Now let us look at the other option where you may have to install a downloaded APK on your Smart TV.


How To Install Netflix App From An APK Download

As indicated above, you can install Netflix on your Android TV from an APK download.

Please follow these steps to install Netflix on your Smart Android TV using an APK file:

  • First, go to on your phone or computer browser.
  • Second, search and download the Netflix APK app from a safe source onto your phone or computer.
  • Third, transfer the APK file from your phone to your Smart Android TV.
  • Fourth, click the APK file stored on your TV.
  • Next, continue to install the Netflix App on your TV.
  • From there, open the Netflix App for the first time on your TV.

Now, you can enter your Netflix account details and configure your TV to watch Netflix videos on your Smart Android TV.

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